Advantages of Performance Testing

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1 min readAug 16, 2022

In DevOps process, performance testing of your apps is something you should always have in place. Let us find out what are the benefits of performance testing:

Ensure a stable performance for the features

Performance testing validates the fundamental features of the software, which helps you to deliver stable and reliable systems into production.

Satisfy and retain your users

First impression is crucial to potential customers. Measuring application performance helps you solve performance issues before being complained about by your users.

Measure the speed, accuracy, and stability

It is also about satisfying and retaining your users. Performance testing like WeTest PerfDog helps you measure the speed, accuracy and stability of the apps, which provides you with significant and comprehensive information on how well the app performs for your business.

Improve optimization and load capability

Identify your app’s capacity and help your organization deal with possible sudden volume to prevent performance pitfalls.

Eliminate bottlenecks and improve quality

Overall, performance testing is necessary. It is better to spend effective testing on your applications before they are released, rather than fixing the pre-existing issues all the time after.

Ensure that your app performs well in real-world conditions, so try WeTest PerfDog for your performance testing.

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