How PerfDog Can Help You Improve Your Product Quality (Part One)

WeTest PerfDog, a professional one-stop performance infrastructure services, provides performance testing and analytical solution for all types of applications.

Full Mobile Platform

  • Without tedious pre-test procedures, WeTest PerfDog allows you to conduct performance testing easily for any applications, games, or websites.
  • PerfDog also supports testing on any Android/iOS mobile devices, such as mobile phones, iPad/iWatch, Android emulators, etc. Window & Mac version available for download.

Easy to Use

  • No root/jailbreak needed.
  • No installation needed. You can plug-and-play for your projects.
  • Easily getting to know your mobile app’s performance under different simulated user scenarios and ensuring you a stable and reliable product.

Guaranteed Data Accuracy and Superb Reputation

  • The accuracy of your performance data is guaranteed. As WeTest’s mobile performance testing tool, PerfDog has no impact on the frame rate and only has less than 1% impact on the CPU performance.
  • WeTest has remarkable reputation in providing QA services and increase the application quality for our clients. You can improve your app user experience effectively by accessing real-time performance data and troubleshooting issues with WeTest PerfDog.

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