PerfDog v8.1 New Features Update

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2 min readMar 6, 2023

Our service is always updating. Recently, WeTest PerfDog released its latest version PerfDog v8.1, which comes with several updates and new features. In this article, we will explore the updates and new features of PerfDog v8.1.

Equipment Support

One of the significant updates in PerfDog v8.1 is more equipments support. It supports PC equipment test, including Win11/Win10/Win8.1/Win8/Win7 all types of application, and multi-graphics card type test. It also supports VR equipment test and optimize data acquisition such as FPS etc.

Function Expansion

WeTest PerfDog add more functions to enhance its capabilities and functionality just as belows:

  • Add Android/iOS dual-platform full GPU Counter to analyze GPU bottleneck in depth
  • Add style and location customization for PC and Android floating window
  • Add PC custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Add PC custom DX version setting

Optimized Data Upload Process

PerfDog v8.1 includes several optimizations to the upload data process. This update could help avoid occasionally reporting errors. Except for the upload data process optimization, WeTest PerfDog optimizes iOS application background test logic as well.

Some known Bug Fixes

PerfDog v8.1 includes some known bug fixes to improve stability. With the update, users can expect a smoother and more reliable performance testing experience.

Moreover, PerfDog v8.1 also has some other new updates such as adding support for task archiving while uploading data, Android latest system version and iOS latest system version. To properly reduce performance overhead, PerfDog v8.1 adds a custom sampling frequency for memory data.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the PerfDog v8.1 update brings several new features and improvements that can enhance the user experience and help developers identify performance issues more efficiently.

If you want to experience the new updates and features of PerfDog v8.1 , click here .



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