The Benefits of Using Cloud-based Automated App Testing

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1 min readAug 16, 2022

Automated Testing With Real Devices In The Cloud

Automate your tests and trouble QA issues before being reported by your users. Cloud-based automated app testing is a method of testing your mobile app’s performance on actual devices. This method ensures that you can run tests on real devices for your app without buying new devices all the time.

Advantages to This Approach:

  • faster than manual testing and you can run tests whenever you need some testing.
  • Run tests in parallel, which ensures you remain great quality even for limited project timeline.
  • Gain more data and insights from each test run, because WeTest Test Automation provides a well range of metrics and insightful reports for your app.

A Powerful Tool Helps Improve Your App’s User Experience

Use cloud-based WeTest automated testing for a maintenance-free QA experience of physical infrastructure and speed testing experience.

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