Unleash the Power of Testing with WeTest’s Exclusive New Year Offer!

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2 min readNov 24, 2023

As we bid farewell to the current year and welcome the dawn of a promising New Year, WeTest is excited to unveil a special promotion that will revolutionize your testing experience. From November 24, 2023, to December 31, 2023, seize the opportunity to enjoy a remarkable 50% discount on our latest testing products.

WeTest Monkey — Simplifying Testing, Elevating Efficiency

* 500 sets/year for only $129.00
* No need for designing and creating test cases
* Covers installation, pull-up, smart traversal, and uninstallation sessionsTest on 1000+ Android devices

Live Testing (Unmetered) — Real-time Testing, Limitless Possibilities

* 1 parallel/year for just $179.00
* 800+ Real iOS and Android Devices at your disposal
* Unlimited Real Time Live Testing
* 24/7 Real Device Cloud support

PerfDog — Unleash the Performance Potential

*600 mins/year priced at $149.00
* Full Mobile Platform Performance Test & Analysis Tool (iOS/Android)
* Quickly locate and analyze performance issues
* No need for ROOT/Jailbreak on the phone

Automation — Efficiency Redefined

* 1 parallel/year for $350.00
* Test on 900+ Android and iOS Real Devices
* Integrate seamlessly with the Dev-Cycle
* Multiple options to submit tests
* Integration with Automation Frameworks like Appium, Airtest, Espresso, GameLoop

Application Security Basic Scan — Fortify Your Defenses

*150 times/year at a special price of $99.00
* Exclusive support for Android applications
* Code-level executable solutions
* Third-party library security testing

Don’t miss the chance to avail yourself of these incredible offerings at a 50% discount. Elevate your testing game and ensure your applications are primed for success in the competitive digital landscape. Act fast and seize the opportunity now and make 2024 the year of flawless applications with WeTest! Shop Now!



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