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WeTest Quality
3 min readSep 26, 2023

WeTest, the leading one-stop testing service platform for game developers. With more than ten years of experience in quality management. WeTest is committed to the highest quality standards of application development and product quality. It integrates cutting-edge tools such as automated testing, compatibility testing, functionality testing, remote device, performance testing and security testing, covering all testing stages of games throughout their entire life cycle.

WeTest Console Capability: Enhancing Game Quality and Compliance

In the fast-paced world of gaming, ensuring the quality, compliance, and compatibility of games across various platforms is paramount to success. With WeTest Console Capability, It provides comprehensive testing solutions such as functional testing、compliance testing、compatibility testing、client performance testing、automation testing.

WeTest’s PC Testing Capability: Elevating Game Quality to New Heights

WeTest also offers a comprehensive suite of PC testing capabilities to ensure that games meet the highest standards before reaching the hands of gamers including functional testing、client performance testing、compatibility testing. You could verify expected game features and validate game performance in different scenarios on PC Platform, It covers core game scenarios to validate stability, rendering and responsiveness across different platforms, devices and software.

In the gaming and app QA management, we focus on two key aspects: Performance testing and cloud-based real device testing.

Client Performance Testing Tool: WeTest PerfDog

WeTest PerfDog is a professional full mobile platform performance Test & Analysis tool, providing performance testing and analytical solution for all types of applications. It plays a pivotal role in game and application QA management. What can PerfDog do include:

  • Performance test & analysis tool for full mobile platform ( iOS & Android)
  • All types of applications ( games, apps, browsers, mini programs, mini-games, H5, background system processes, etc. )
  • Quickly locating the performance issues without ROOT / Jailbreak, improving the performance and quality of apps and games.
  • Extremely simplified…



WeTest Quality

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