WeTest PerfDog V9.2 Now Online with Powerful Upgrades

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2 min readOct 20, 2023


We are thrilled to announce the release of WeTest PerfDog International V9.2, packed with the freshest features including network testing. WeTest PerfDog network testing is now in public beta. You can apply to join the public beta testing of PerfDog network testing by contacting us or reaching out to online customer service.

New version update details:

1. Added network test analysis and weak network simulation service capability Beta:

a. Added support for WIFI mode in network testing;

b. Added the ability to actively pull up the tested object when starting a network test;

c. Added support for switching network scenarios during network testing;

d. Added support for packet capture in network testing.

2. Added Median and MedRange statistics for FPS;

3. Added support for thread-level CPU scheduling and other deep testing capabilities;

4. Added custom filtering support for Thread CPU Usage threads in WEB page regular testing;

5. Added custom filtering support for IP in WEB page network testing;

6. Added support for the latest Android 14 version;

7. Added support for data collection on the latest Huawei models and systems (such as Mate 60);

8. Added support for specifying custom batch deletion for projects in the Web version;

9. Optimized the initialization speed when testing Windows applications;

10. Optimized the performance collection issue when enabling Thread CPU Usage;

11. Fixed the issue where the test may fail when uploading while testing with Thread CPU Usage enabled;

12. Fixed the screenshot error issue on some Huawei models;

13. Fixed the issue where FPS is 0 in high frame rate situations on some models;

14. Fixed the issue where the Label calculation is incorrect when switching to full screen and back;

15. Fixed the occasional issue of not being able to obtain information on Android 12 and Android 8 when viewing the process window;

16. Fixed the occasional error issue when running multiple clients simultaneously;

17. Fixed some known bugs to improve stability.

We believe that this update will empower our users to conduct more comprehensive and insightful performance testing, ultimately leading to the delivery of high-quality applications and games. Experience Now and elevate your testing experience!



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