What is Gameplay Testing and how does it work?

What is Game Testing?

As a part of the Game Testing, Gameplay Testing is an important component of the Total Quality Management Process of Tencent PC Games. It is a method used for game design testing, usually done before the launch of a game.

For example, WeTest was responsible for testing a popular mobile game before its worldwide release. After conducting the small-scale user test, it encountered several problems: bad game reputation, low channel scores, gameplay issues, and quality defects.

In this case, the Gameplay testing model was used to solve these issues.

The Gameplay Testing is divided into four dimensions:

1. Functional Crowd Testing

2. Gameplay Crowd Testing

More specifically, the Gameplay Crowd Testing Process includes 6 steps:
1. Product Requirements Identification
2. Players recruitment
3. Confidential test process management
4. Task distribution
5. Testing start
6. Report output

This process is supported by millions of registered players, the management distribution platform, and a professional game assessment team, to ensure more customized and efficient solutions to the game.

3. Competitor Evaluation

4. Core Gameplay Evaluation

The overall framework of Gameplay Testing is the first step of ensuring a high-quality game.

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